Laptop Friendly Cafes

  • user experience design;
  • development of complex, location-aware iPhone application;
  • development of back-end services to parse and sync external data sources;
  • recruitment of beta test team for user experience testing;
  • publishing on the App Store.

Sudoku Cheat

  • development of a sudoku solver for iPhone;
  • creation of a novel sudoku solving algorithm;
  • conducting user experience testing;
  • publishing on the App Store.

Tideway Foundation

  • development and maintenance of numerous components of an enterprise-scale application discovery system, including the web-based user interface;
  • research into an improved user interface software architecture;
  • mentoring junior developers to senior level;
  • research and development into a faster way to run large collections of regular expressions and released as open source;
  • invention of new network discovery techniques and wrote patent application. [PDF]