Software Development

£200/day to £400/day

We have proven experience developing web applications, iPhone applications, and enterprise systems. We specialise in dynamic languages, especially Python, but we are also comfortable with C and Java. We employ a pragmatic, iterative development style borrowing practices from Agile Development methodologies.

We like to break the project into small units of work, so you can see your app growing. This means we get frequent feedback, you invest in smaller chunks, and you can stop the project in a working state whenever you like.

Python Code Review

30 minutes free then £25/hour

We can give you advice about your own Python code. A second pair of eyes can reveal something you've missed, or point out better or more idiomatic solutions.

User Interface Review


Programmers are especially picky about the software we use and will spot problems that normal people won't. If you have an application in development, we can point at what's wrong with it and suggest ways to improve it.

Technical Interview


Selecting good programmers is hard. We can provide a tough technical interview for companies who are recruiting full-time programmers. We have lots of experience in making hiring decisions for very selective software companies and can give you an independent hire/no-hire decision.

Idea Development


If you come to us with a broad idea, we can help flesh it out, providing brief use cases, high-level system architecture, cost estimates, and even ideas about business models.

Idea Meeting

A coffee

We offer an informal nearly-free brainstorming service. If you're in London, and you're enthusiastic about web or iPhone development, lets meet and talk about our ideas.



If you need a service we don't provide, we can usually introduce you to someone who can help. We know people who might be able to help you with web design, user experience engineering, technical writing, machine-learning research, mathematics, game character and level design, software development, product management, and fund raising for non-profits.